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Funded Studies

Reben Raemen

Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States

Reben Raeman, MS, PhD, is an assistant professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Raeman’s research program focuses on understanding the crosstalk between gut microbes, intestinal epithelial cells, and immune cells — and the role these different cells play in chronic liver diseases. His laboratory has made significant contributions to elucidating the role of the gut-liver axis in the progression of fatty liver disease, with findings establishing that gut microbes are among the primary drivers of hepatic inflammation and fibrosis. Dr. Raeman completed his master’s degree from Clemson University in 2006 and PhD degree from the University of Georgia in 2011. After completing postdoctoral training in the Division of Digestive Diseases in the Department of Medicine at Emory University in 2016, Dr. Raeman joined the faculty there as an assistant professor. In 2018, he moved his lab to the University of Pittsburgh.

Associated Grants

  • Gut Inflammation and Microbial Imbalance in Parkinson’s Disease


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