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Funded Studies

Richard Doty, PhD

Professor of Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Director, Smell and Taste Center

Richard L. Doty, Ph.D., is the Director of the University of Pennsylvania's Smell and Taste Center, and Professor within the Department of Otorhinolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Doty is an editorial consultant to over 50 scientific journals and to dozens of major corporations and governmental advisory committees. He is author or coauthor of over 300 professional publications (including 10 books and contributions to such publications as Science, Nature, and the Encyclopedia Britannica), and editor of the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Olfaction and Gustation (Marcel Dekker, 2003), a 2000+ page tome considered to be the Bible of the chemical senses field. Dr. Doty is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including a James A. Shannon Award from the National Institutes of Health (1996), the '2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century' Award from the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England (1999), the Olfactory Research Fund's Scientific Sense of Smell Award (2000), the William Osler Patient-Oriented Research Award from the University of Pennsylvania (2003), the Society of Cosmetic Chemist's Service Award (2004), and the Association for Chemoreception Science's Max Mozell Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Chemical Senses (2005). Dr. Doty is the inventor of the widely-used University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test or UPSIT (commercially known as the Smell Identification TestTM). This test has been administered to nearly a half million persons since its introduction in the 1980's, and has been heralded as the olfactory equivalent to the eye chart.

Associated Grants

  • Brainstem and Olfactory System Biomarkers of Early Parkinson's Disease


  • Longitudinal Assessment of Olfactory Dysfunction in Early PD


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