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Funded Studies

Ronald A. DePinho, MD

Professor, Cancer Biology at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Location: Houston, TX United States

Ronald A. DePinho, MD, is a professor of cancer biology and Past President of MD Anderson Cancer Center. He earned his medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then began his independent academic career at Einstein, and held senior roles at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School before moving to MD Anderson in 2011. His basic and translational research program has focused on the pathways and processes governing aging and age-related disorders, including cancer and Parkinson's. Dr. DePinho elucidated a core molecular pathway for aging, determined the basis for the link between advancing age and increased cancer incidence and demonstrated that aging is reversible. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Association for Cancer Research Academy and has received numerous other honors and awards.

Associated Grants

  • Dual Leucine Zipper Kinase Inhibitors for Parkinson's Disease


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