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Funded Studies

Rosaria Volpini, MD, PhD

Professor at University of Camerino

Location: Camerino Italy

Rosaria Volpini is full professor of medicinal chemistry at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Camerino, Italy. She obtained master’s degrees in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology (1990) and in pharmacy (1996), with full marks and honors. In 1995, she obtained a PhD working on the development of new inhibitors of adenosine deaminase. She has many years of experience in the design, synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of molecules that bind to adenosine and purinergic P2X receptors. Her research activity led to the publication of more than 150 scientific papers in international journals, related to the synthesis of compounds that include multiple ring structures, which can bind to P1 and P2 purinergic receptors, inhibit platelet aggregation and enzymes and act as antiviral and antitumor agents.

Associated Grants

  • Development of a PET Tracer for Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Parkinson’s Disease


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