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Funded Studies

Samuel M. Young, PhD

Max Planck Research Group Leader at Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

Location: Jupiter, FL United States

Dr. Samuel M. Young, Jr. is leader of the Research Group of Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Function at the Max Planck Florida Institute. Dr. Young’s research centers on studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable synapses to meet the functional demands of the neuronal circuit they are embedded within. To do his laboratory utilizes innovative approaches in biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, recombinant viral vector technology, synaptic physiology, electrophysiology, neuroanatomy and biophysics. The long-term goal is that the knowledge gained in the mechanisms of synaptic function will aid in uncovering the causes of neurological disorders and help develop novel treatments.

Associated Grants

  • Production of Helper Dependent Adenovirus Type 5 LRRK2 Expression Vectors


  • Design of HdAd Type 5 LRRK2 Expression Vectors


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