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Funded Studies

Scott F. Sneddon, PhD, JD

President & CEO at Sharp Edge Labs, Inc.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States

Scott Sneddon, PhD, JD, has 20 years of experience in industrial drug discovery, and held leadership positions in Pfizer's New Leads Discovery group and Genzyme's Drug Discovery Group, which he co-founded. As the lead of the Assay Development and Screening group at Genzyme for 10 years, Sneddon gained technical expertise in development of experimental methods to evaluate a large number of potential drugs. He went on to help build a structure-based design group with Pfizer. Sneddon received his PhD in Chemistry and Biophysics from Carnegie Mellon University, where he conducted graduate research in computational chemistry with application in protein structure and folding. Sneddon also studied law at Columbia University Law School and handled numerous venture capital and licensing transactions while working as an attorney at two Boston law firms. He is a registered patent attorney. Sneddon was appointed CEO at Sharp Edge Labs in 2011 following a successful licensing negotiation with Carnegie Mellon University for the company's underlying technology. 

Associated Grants

  • Study of How LRRK2 Mutations Affect Cellular Processes that Could Lead to PD


  • Screening Assays for Restored Protein Trafficking


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