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Funded Studies

Scott Shandler, PhD, MBA

CEO at Longevity Biotech, Inc.

Location: Philadelphia, PA United States

Dr. Shandler brings over a decade of commercial and scientific operating experience to Longevity Biotech. As co-founder and CEO, Dr. Shandler is responsible for overseeing all discovery and product development activities. Previously, he was a venture capitalist at BioAdvance, focused on investing in early-stage therapeutics. Prior to BioAdvance, Dr. Shandler worked for Merck Research Labs and was responsible for guiding project prioritization efforts across the worldwide basic research neuroscience portfolio. He was also a product manager for PolyMedix. In addition, Dr. Shandler served as a subject matter expert in Accenture's Pharmaceutical and Medical Products group, advising leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Dr. Shandler received his PhD in biochemistry and molecular biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania as well as an MBA from The Wharton School. He holds a BA in computer science from Brandeis University and a certificate of bioinformatics from Stanford University.

Associated Grants

  • Pre-clinical Development of LBT-3627, a Potential Neuroprotective and Anti-inflammatory Therapy for Parkinson's Disease


  • Inflammatory Parkinson's Clinical Biomarker Profiling


  • VPAC2 Agonists Neuroprotective and Anti-inflammatory Effects in Parkinson's Disease


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