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Seth A. Hays, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Texas at Dallas

Location: Richardson, TX United States

Seth Hays, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. He received his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in 2003. From there, he moved to the laboratory of Drs. Jay Gibson and Kimberly Huber at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to conduct his graduate research. His project focused on elucidating the cellular mechanisms underlying network hyperexcitability in the pre-clinical model of Fragile X syndrome. Upon completion of his doctoral research in 2012, Dr. Hays joined Dr. Michael Kilgard’s lab at the University of Texas at Dallas for his postdoctoral training. The overall focus of the lab is using vagus nerve stimulation to direct neuroplasticity to treat neurological disease. Currently, they are evaluating the efficacy of targeted plasticity therapy for improving motor function in a variety of disease models. Dr. Hays is presently focused on applying targeted plasticity therapy to alleviate motor dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Evaluation of Targeted Plasticity Therapy as a Treatment for Motor Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease


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