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Shu-ou Shan, PhD

Altair Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California Institute of Technology

Location: Pasadena, CA United States

Dr. Shan’s research uses techniques in biochemistry, biophysics, and structural and molecular cell biology to probe the molecular basis of protein synthesis and structural maintenance. She received training in biophysics, enzymology, and protein and RNA biochemistry during her undergraduate and graduate work, and in cell biology during her postdoctoral studies. Her work on the Signal Recognition Particle (SRP) and on the guided entry of tail proteins (GET) pathway established molecular models that show how newly synthesized proteins are inserted into cell membranes. Her work on the biogenesis of chlorophyll-containing light-harvesting LHCPs, the most abundant membrane proteins on earth, led to the discovery of a novel chaperone cpSRP43 that can effectively detangle aggregation-prone membrane proteins. Dr. Shan has extensive knowledge of protein synthesis and is experienced in applying a wide array of quantitative approaches to understanding molecular mechanisms in complex biological pathways. 

Associated Grants

  • Directed Evolution of Tailor-Made Molecular Chaperones


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