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Silvia Del Din, PhD

Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellow at Newcastle University

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom

Dr. Del Din is a bioengineer by background. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in information engineering, a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering and a PhD in information engineering at the University of Padua. With the Brain and Movement Research Group group in Newcastle University, she leads the wearable/digital technology team and supervises the work of research associates and doctoral students. Dr. Del Din’s research aims at transforming digital healthcare and translating it into clinical practice. In particular, she is interested in enhancing the use of wearable technology with innovative data analysis techniques to enable remote monitoring and clinical management in aging and neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease (PD). Her current research aims to provide a proof-of-concept of this vision in PD by understanding and predicting the impact that medication has on daily motor performance in people with PD.

Associated Grants

  • Mobility Matters: A Mobilise-D Extension Study


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