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Sonia Gandhi, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology & Group Leader at UCL & The Francis Crick Institute

Location: London United Kingdom

Sonia Gandhi is an MRC senior clinician scientist and professor of neurology, a group leader of the Neurodegeneration Biology Laboratory and an assistant research director at The Francis Crick Institute. She established and co-leads the UCL Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre, which seeks to develop precision medicine approaches for patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Dr. Gandhi obtained an MA in neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, a degree in Medicine at the University of Oxford and completed a PhD in neuroscience at UCL Institute of Neurology. In 2020, she was awarded an MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship. Her research program aims to understand the molecular mechanisms that cause familial and sporadic PD, specifically investigating proteinopathy and mitochondrial dysfunction. Her laboratory has adopted an interdisciplinary approach combining single-molecule biophysics with human stem cell systems to understand how proteins misfold in the brain and the cellular consequences of protein aggregation.

Associated Grants

  • Defining Mechanisms in Different Brain Cells that Drive Progression in Parkinson’s Disease


  • Mapping the PD Brain: Oligomer-driven Functional Genomics


  • How Astrocytes Cause Neuronal Loss by Reacting to Alpha-synuclein


  • Studying GLP1 Receptor as a Therapeutic Target in Parkinson's Disease


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