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Funded Studies

Stephen Traynelis, PhD

Professor at Emory University School of Medicine

Location: Atlanta, GA United States

Dr. Stephen Traynelis is a professor of pharmacology at the Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta, GA). He received his BS degree in 1984 from West Virginia University in Chemistry (summa cum laude) and his PhD in pharmacology from the University of North Carolina in 1988. He completed postdoctoral fellowships at University College London (UK) and the Salk Institute (CA) before joining the faculty at Emory in 1994. He is a John Merck Scholar and recipient of other awards including the John Moore Scholarship, a Javits award, and is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He has developed software for simulation of ion channel function, and is co-inventor on five patent-pending technologies and two patents. He has served or is currently serving on the editorial boards of Molecular Pharmacology, Critical Reviews in Neurobiology, Molecular Brain, and Channels. Dr. Traynelis is currently an editor-in-chief of Molecular Pharmacology. Dr Traynelis has served as a reviewer for over 33 scientific journals, is a regular member of the NTRC study section, chair of NTRC study section, ad hoc member of numerous NIH and other study sections, chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for NeurOp Inc., and councilor and president of the Atlanta Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience. He is currently a member of the Society for Neuroscience, the Biophysical Society, AAAS, and ASPET.  

Dr. Traynelis studies glutamate receptors with an emphasis on the structural and functional properties of receptors involved in synaptic transmission. These receptors have important implications in the progression of Parkinson’s disease as well as the manifestation of motor symptoms. Dr Traynelis’ research is focused on identifying new modulators that can be used to treat neurological diseases. He has co-authored 114 peer-reviewed papers, 21 book chapters or invited commentaries, 168 abstracts, and given 115 public lectures/seminars.

Associated Grants

  • GluN2D Antagonism in the Subthalamic Nucleus for the Treatment of Parkinsonism


  • Validation of the NR2D Subunit of the NMDA Receptor as a Therapeutic Target for Parkinson's Disease


  • Use of NR2D-selective NMDA Receptor Modulators in the Treatment of PD


  • Use of NR2D-selective NMDA Receptor Modulators in the Treatment of PD


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