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Funded Studies

Suneel Gupta, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at Impax Pharmaceuticals

Location: Hayward, CA United States

Dr Gupta has 25 years of pharmaceutical research and development experience, primarily focused on using drug delivery technologies to enhance the values of various drugs. He has led numerous product discovery and development initiatives and made contributions to products such as Concerta, Invega, Duragesic, Nicoderm, Ditropan-XL.  Prior to joining Impax Pharmaceuticals, Dr Gupta was senior vice president at Johnson & Johnson, where he lead various drug development efforts. He has authored over 100 publications and more than 30 US patents. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at University of California, San Francisco.

Associated Grants

  • Testing Effects of Improved Levodopa Delivery with Dexterity and Gait Objective Measures


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