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Walter Maetzler, MD

Professor of Neurology at University of Kiel

Location: Kiel Germany

Walter Maetzler is full professor for neurogeriatrics and deputy director of the neurology department of the University Hospital in Kiel, Germany. His main clinical interest is on Parkinson’s disease and other age-related disorders and geriatric conditions associated with functionally relevant movement and cognitive disabilities. He leads a research group focused on the analysis and validation of parameters that can be extracted from wearable sensor technology in supervised (“lab- or clinic-based”) and unsupervised (the home environment of the patients) assessments, and then be used to quantify movement, mobility and human behaviour in these usual environments. He is contributing to new technology development, such as magnetoelectric sensors. He continues to be involved as coordinator, principal investigator, chief clinical investigator and work package leader in multiple national and international projects investigating the potential of mobile sensor technology to improve the understanding of disease progression and treatment response in age-related diseases.

Associated Grants

  • Mobility Matters: A Mobilise-D Extension Study


  • Influence of Immune Subtypes on the LRRK2 Phenotype


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