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Funded Studies

William Perry Janzen, Bs

President and CEO at Chaperone Therapeutics

Location: Durham, NC United States

William P. Janzen is a founder and President and CEO of Chaperone Therapeutics. He is also Professor and Director of Assay Development and Compound Profiling in the Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery at the University of North Carolina. Mr. Janzen has twenty years of experience in innovative drug discovery and has been a leader in high throughput screening for lead generation in startup and large pharmaceutical ventures. He acquired extensive knowledge of target biology, assay development and chemical SAR through his work with scientists across disciplines in search of lead molecules. Mr. Janzen has the unique combination of technical and leadership skills that are essential to operating at the cutting edge of science while maintaining appropriate standards of rigor and validation. He has been extensively involved in the advancement of automated screening technologies and has been President and a Board Member of the Society for Biomolecular Screening.

Associated Grants

  • Development of Hsf1 Effectors as Parkinson's Disease Therapeutics


  • Development of HSF1 Effectors as Parkinson's Disease Therapeutics


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