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Funded Studies

Yann Gambin, PhD

Group Leader at European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia

Senior Lecturer at University of New South Wales

Location: Sydney Australia

Yann Gambin is a molecular biologist with expertise in single molecule spectroscopy and biophysics. He trained in techniques to measure protein diffusion during his PhD at Ecole Normale, Paris, before moving to The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. He became interested in synuclein under the guidance of Prof. Deniz and used single molecule fret to measure its conformational flexibility. He developed innovative technological solutions, such as high-speed mixing device coupled to single molecule detection to trigger and observe the folding of synuclein (Nature Methods, 2011). After creating his own research team in 2015 as an EMBL Australia group leader, he became interested in prions and prion-like behaviors in health and disease. He is currently focused on translational research and applying single molecule technologies to important diseases. Following his interest for synuclein biology, he is now actively quantifying the Syn protein aggregates in body fluids.

Associated Grants

  • Single-molecule Detection of Oligomeric Synuclein in Body Fluids


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