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Funded Studies

Yuanfang Guan, PhD

Assistant Professor at University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, MI United States

Dr. Yuanfang Guan started a faculty position at the University of Michigan in 2012, focusing on developing machine learning methodologies to mine massive amounts of biomedical device, clinical trial and functional genomics data. Since 2013, she has been the best performer in a series of DREAM challenges concerning survival/disease progression in clinical trials and disease detection in biomedical device data, evaluated by prediction accuracy in blind data sets. For her achievements in the DREAM challenges and in recognition of the open source software she has contributed to the bioinformatics field, Dr. Guan was named the Consistent Best Technical Performer. At this time, she is the sole recipient of this award. Many of the algorithms she developed hold state-of-the-art performances in important biomedical applications. To serve the research community, she has deployed these algorithms as convenient tools for general biological and clinical research audiences.  

Associated Grants

  • Interpretation of Accelerometer Data with Deep Learning


  • Cross-disease Brain Image Modeling


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