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Therapies for Tomorrow: How Better Clinical Trial Design Leads to Better Treatments

February 15, 2024

Clinical trials provide the structure for translating medical research into therapies for people with Parkinson’s. In transformative moves set in motion by research breakthroughs from the last year, the groundwork is being laid for even better clinical trials going forward.

For example, the 2023 discovery of a biomarker in Parkinson’s made big waves, but you may not realize that the finding supercharges clinical trials by dramatically improving participant selection. And the biomarker is just one new tool drug developers are using to immediately improve clinical trials.

This Third Thursdays Webinar explores how clinical trials are designed, how recent breakthroughs improve the process and what it all means for getting future treatments into patient hands.

Our panel of experts who design trials and a research participant living with Parkinson’s answer questions from the audience that were submitted in advance and also through the Q&A box during the webinar.

To watch on demand anytime, please register below and enter your contact information. Then the webinar will launch on your screen.

Webinar Details


Thursday, February 15, 2024


1 hr


12:00 pm ET
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