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On the third Thursday of every month at 12 p.m. ET, join our free live webinars to learn about various aspects of living with Parkinson's disease and our work to speed medical breakthroughs. Log on, listen to the expert discussion and submit your own questions to our panelists.

Third Thursdays Webinars are available for CME credit for practicing health care professionals. Register to learn more.

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    How Genetic Discoveries Lead to Parkinson's Therapies

    This month, we replayed a popular webinar where our panelists discussed ongoing trials targeting genetic links to Parkinson's (alpha-synuclein, GBA and LRRK2) and how we go from discovering…

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    Immune System's Role in Parkinson's

    This month, we replayed a popular webinar where our experts discussed the connection between Parkinson's and the immune system -- its role in disease and how we may develop measures and identify…

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    Looking Deep into Cells for the Answers to Parkinson's

    Our panelists discuss efforts to better understand what goes wrong in Parkinson's on the deepest level -- in the genes and proteins that are the instructions and ingredients for life…

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    Vision Problems in Parkinson's Disease

    Our panelists discuss changes in eyesight associated with Parkinson's as well as the effects of other symptoms and medications on vision. We also cover how scientists are looking at the eye as a…

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    Better Conversations and Care: How Patients and Doctors Can Work Together

    Our panelists -- people with Parkinson's and Parkinson's physicians -- will discuss strategies for discussing symptoms and working together on treatment decisions.

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    Beyond Medication: Deep Brain Stimulation and Focused Ultrasound for Parkinson's

    Surgical options deep brain stimulation and the more recently approved focused ultrasound can help manage Parkinson's symptoms, but these procedures are not for everyone. Our panelists will…

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You have the power to impact your future and the future of millions living with Parkinson's disease. Explore clinical research participation today.

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Read the latest developments in the field’s understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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What matters most isn't getting diagnosed with Parkinson's; it's what you do next. The choices we make after we're diagnosed can open doors to possibilities you'd never imagine.
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