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On the third Thursday of every month at 12 p.m. ET, join our free live webinars to learn about various aspects of living with Parkinson's disease and our work to speed medical breakthroughs. Log on, listen to the expert discussion and submit your own questions to our panelists.

And join us for other special free webinars throughout the year (dates and times to be announced) on varied topics of interest to the Parkinson's community.

Third Thursdays Webinars from 2018 and 2019 are available for CME credit for practicing health care professionals for two years from their air date. Register for an on-demand webinar to learn more. We apologize that we are not offering CME credit for webinars from 2020 forward. 

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    What's Next for Parkinson's: Big Trials, New Treatments and Steps toward Prevention

    Hear the latest news in Parkinson's research from Foundation and field leaders. Our panelists will look ahead to treatments up for approval soon, new trials starting early next year and a major…

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    Celebrating 20 Years of Scientific Progress Closer to Cures

    Watch this special Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) Research Roundtable anytime on demand. Leading Parkinson’s researchers and MJFF staff share highlights and impact from 20 years of scientific…

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    What to Watch This Election Season: A Roll Call of Parkinson’s Policy Priorities

    Going into this election season, we’ll review programs that serve our Parkinson’s policy priorities of furthering funding for research, supporting therapy development and approvals, and safeguarding…

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    Is Parkinson’s Inherited?

    In this webinar our panelists will discuss what we know about Parkinson’s genetics and how genetic discoveries may lead to treatments that could stop or even prevent disease. We’ll cover therapies in…

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    Environment’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease

    Our panelists will discuss studies into how factors such as pesticide and toxicant exposure and head injury can lead to Parkinson’s. We’ll also cover policies and legislation that may help limit…

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    Estate Planning Everyone Needs Now : Updating Important Documents in 2020, and Using Charitable Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries

    This year presents a number of important considerations for people making estate plans -- from COVID-19 to a national election. But these are also reasons to start planning for your future if you…

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You have the power to impact your future and the future of millions living with Parkinson's disease. Explore clinical research participation today.

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Read the latest developments in the field’s understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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What matters most isn't getting diagnosed with Parkinson's; it's what you do next. The choices we make after we're diagnosed can open doors to possibilities you'd never imagine.
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