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Scientific Advisors

Jeffrey H. Kordower, PhD

The Jean Schweppe-Armour Professor of Neurological Sciences and Professor of Neurosurgery • Rush University Medical Center

Jeffrey Kordower, PhD, is an international authority in the area of movement disorders, with special expertise in experimental therapeutic strategies for Parkinson’s disease. He has published landmark papers in the area of cell replacement strategies and pathogenesis, including the first demonstration that fetal dopaminergic grafts can survive, innervate, and form synapses in patients with PD and the demonstration of the presence of Lewy bodies in fetal grafts. With regards to gene therapy, he published the lead article in Science demonstrating that gene delivery of the trophic factor GDNF can prevent the emergence of motor symptoms and nigrostriatal degeneration in a pre-clinical model of PD.  Follow-up studies using neurturin have led to clinical trials. He also was the first to demonstrate that gene delivery of trophic factors can obviate neurodegenerative processes in nonhuman primate models of Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Kordower has published over 350 papers, has been on over 20 editorial boards, and is on the Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) of many biotech companies and scientific organizations. 

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