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The Foundation supports research across basic, translational and clinical science to speed breakthroughs that can lead to the creation of new treatments and a better quality of life for people with Parkinson's disease.

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  • Therapeutic Pipeline Program, 2020
    Development of Novel Parkin Activators

    Study Rationale:
    In Parkinson’s disease, brain cells die when their mitochondria (structures that create energy for the cells) are damaged and cannot be removed efficiently. An enzyme called parkin...

  • Research Grant, 2020
    Identification of Therapeutic Circuits to Address Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease

    Study Rationale: Parkinson’s disease patients often experience depression and anxiety. Addressing these non-motor symptoms has not been the focus of Parkinson’s disease research though psychiatric...

  • Target Advancement Program, 2020
    Evaluating the Role of Natural Killer Cells in Parkinson's Pathology

    Promising Outcomes of Original Grant:
    Our original study investigated whether immune cells called human natural killer (NK) cells play a protective role on the nervous system in Parkinson’s disease....

  • Therapeutic Pipeline Program, 2020
    Therapeutic Swallow Sensor

    Study Rationale:
    Trouble swallowing is a common problem for people with Parkinson’s disease, occurring in up to 80 percent of cases. Swallowing problems can  lead to drooling, increased risk of...

  • Access to Data and Biospecimens, 2020
    Association of Repetitive DNA Elements in Parkinson’s Disease Risk and Progression

    Study Rationale:
    Repetitive DNA elements such as “jumping genes” were previously considered ‘junk DNA’. However, it is now known that these elements are involved in the development of several diseases...

  • Research Grant, 2019
    Long-acting GM-CSF Fusion Protein (PDM608) for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

    Study Rationale:
    Emerging evidence suggests that the modulating the peripheral immune system can be a powerful disease-modifying approach for the treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD). We have...

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