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Team Fox is a member-driven fundraising program. As a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fundraiser, it's up to you to create, plan, promote and manage your event. Throughout your fundraising journey, you’ll have access to tools and resources to make your event planning process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Kickstart Your Event
Two Team Fox fundraisers holding a "selfie" frame at a Pints for Parkinson's event

If you haven't decided what type of fundraiser you want to host, start by answering these questions: What do you love to do? Do you have a hobby or a special skill? Finding ways to incorporate your passions and interests can help you determine what type of event to create. Some popular event ideas are themed parties, golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts and community athletic activities. 

Register with Team Fox to gain access to a customizable fundraising page with a unique URL that can be shared with your network via email, text message, and social media. 

What’s Next? 

  • Set your fundraising goal. 
    Decide how much you would like to raise or the number of participants in attendance. To help reach your goal, establish benchmarks throughout your journey to track your progress. And feel comfortable adjusting your goal to reflect your efforts and results. 

  • Pick a date and location. 
    After you decide on the type of event you are going to host, determine when and where it will take place. Once you have those logistics confirmed, you can work backward to organize an efficient planning process. 

  • Browse tips and templates. 
    From guides on customizing your Team Fox fundraising page to a thank-you letter template, we provide resources for reaching your Team Fox fundraising goal, spreading the word on and offline, and connecting with donors before and after your event. Log in to your Team Fox Fundraising Dashboard to access additional resources-- Including the NEW Team Fox Handbook and our helpful 10 Ways to $1K tip sheet with steps to reach your first fundraising milestone.

Need advice from Team Fox staff? 
We’re here for you and eager to share more ideas and best practices before your event! Leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure your success. Email if you have any questions along the way.

Making the Most of Your Fundraising Page
Team Papa D race participants at the Spartan Sprint

Now that you’ve joined our group of dynamic and dedicated fundraisers across the globe, we suggest you start by personalizing your fundraising page with event details, your story and a photo. Make sure to add your event to the Team Fox public calendar to help promote it to the greater MJFF community. 

Story Sharing 

  • Add your story to your welcome message and upload meaningful photos. The “why” behind your campaign is vital to the success of your fundraising. Let your network know what is driving your support of The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s mission. Making it personal will only gain you more support! 

Custom URL 

  • Make your page easy to access and remember! Creating a custom URL will help your campaign stand out and will tie everything together.


  • Spread the word to your friends and family by using the contact book and email tools on your page. Upload your own contacts to send mass emails sharing your campaign and asking for donations. This functionality also includes email templates that can be customized with a personal message to supporters. 

Donation Tracking 

  • Use the “reports” tab in your account to find information about your donations — donor names and email addresses, and donation dates and amounts. These reports can be downloaded as a CSV file to your computer. You can use these reports to strategize for future years and it is an easy way to keep track of who to send thank-you emails to! 

Order Complimentary Materials 

  • Looking for “foxy” décor to elevate your event? Click the “Request Material” link on the lower right-hand side of the Team Fox Fundraising Dashboard to submit a request for banners, stickers, newsletters, and more. Be sure to send your order early, as items can take three to four weeks for processing and delivery. 

Letter of Support 

  • Once you’ve completed your Team Fox registration, begin your sponsorship outreach by requesting a Letter of Support from Team Fox staff. This resource will help to legitimize your event and assure sponsors that their contributions are in support of The Michael J. Fox Foundation. To request a letter, email and include your full name, event name, and tentative date. 

Research Updates 

Looking for more ways to share resources with supporters? Check out a few of our regularly updated webinars, blog posts, and more! 

#Fundraising with Team Fox on Social Media
Detroit Gala with pink and orange flags

Whether you're using your personal social media profiles or creating a social media page for your event, using sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok is a great way to generate buzz and excitement for your upcoming fundraiser!

Spread The Word 

  • Share your Team Fox fundraising story and let others know why you are supporting The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s mission. Include information about upcoming challenges or events and remember to add the link to your Team Fox fundraising page for donations. 


Lead By Example 

  • Start your fundraising with a self-donation! Your friends and family are more likely to donate to your fundraiser if they see that you have.  

Create Eye-Catching Content 

  • Post high-quality pictures and videos, limit distracting filters and edits and include a clear call to action in the caption. Remind your community that any amount helps — If 10 people donate $10, that's $100 closer to your goal!  

Engage Your Followers 

  • After posting, be sure to thank supporters, like comments, and respond to questions. Go the extra mile and create dedicated posts recognizing donors, committee members and event volunteers. 

Add Helpful Hashtags and Tag Team Fox 

  • Tag Team Fox in your posts and include our official hashtag: #GoTeamFox. This allows other members of the Team Fox and The Michael J. Fox Foundation community to find, follow, repost and reshare. Other relevant hashtags include #Parkinsons #Research #FindACure #FundACure, as well as those linked to specific campaigns like #ParkinsonsAwarenessMonth in April.

Follow Team Fox on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: 




Endurance Fundraising: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint!
Four Team Fox runners linking arms and carrying Team Fox banners

We are thrilled you have decided to make your miles count toward a cure for Parkinson’s disease by taking on an athletic feat in support of Team Fox. Whether you’re running, cycling, skiing down a mountain, or a combination of activities, we’re here to help you reach your goals-- both in fundraising AND for the big day! Here are a few steps to get your journey started:

Tell Your Story 

  • Your story will inspire others to donate. Take time to update your fundraising page with details about why you joined Team Fox. Your supporters want to know why the cause is important to you and how they can help.  

Make Intentional and Specific Asks 

  • Instead of making a general ask for support, consider including a specific dollar amount. The amount can correspond with a significant milestone, such as reaching a certain distance, or align with a specific date.

Tap Into Your Talents 

  • Do you have a hobby or skill you can offer others? If you’re good at knitting, consider making homemade mittens for a donation. If you’re a musician, host a virtual concert and charge a small ticket fee. Get creative!  

Keep Your Supporters Engaged 

  • Update your network as you hit training milestones, such as completing your first 10-mile run, finishing a great workout with a friend, or participating in a training race. Community support will help you stay motivated. 

Order a Team Fox Jersey from our Fox Shop 

  • There is no better way to show your Team Fox spirit than by wearing some Team Fox swag. Check out our online Fox Shop for all your gear needs.

Express Your Gratitude 

  • Don’t forget to thank your supporters along the way and let them know how you did. Want to go a step further? Consider writing the names of your supporters on your race-day jersey or tribute bib! 

Feeling stuck or need some help? 
The Team Fox staff is with you every step of the way. Email  for additional support.

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