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Biomarkers to Support Therapeutic Trials Program


This program supports biomarkers research that will develop, optimize or analytically validate new or existing outcome measures to directly inform and transform therapeutic development.  

Funding will be considered for studies toward biomarkers to: 

  • Facilitate subject selection by enabling more accurate diagnosis or predicting which patients may benefit from an intervention 
  • Identify susceptibility risk  
  • Demonstrate proof of efficacy through monitoring changes in the degree or extent of disease 
  • Evaluate pharmacodynamic response  

This program will prioritize funding for measures related to: 

  • Known Parkinson’s targets, which may require additional refinement, validation and/or assessment in diverse populations 
  • Related neurodegenerative diseases with rationale to evaluate in a Parkinson’s cohort 
  • Emerging pathways strongly linked to Parkinson’s (e.g., lysosomal, mitochondrial, neuroimmune, glucose metabolism) 
  • Prodromal risk and/or phenoconversion 

Please note: Biomarkers as a tool to understand the role of a pathway in Parkinson’s without a clear link to therapeutics will not be considered.  

For this program, MJFF also will not consider proposals on the following topics. (Please browse our other open programs that may encompass these topics.) 

  • Unbiased discovery work (e.g., proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics) 
  • Clinical scales 
  • Patient-reported outcomes 
  • Neuroimaging 
  • Target validation, drug discovery or therapeutic development  

Industry, academic scientists and post-doctoral fellows (as co-investigators with laboratory director as primary investigator) in and outside the United States are welcome to apply. 

Watch a video on this funding program and our application and review processes. 

Application Process 

1. Download the RFA overview and application template.
2. Log in or create an account in the grant application portal.  
3. Submit your completed application. 

Email with questions. 

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