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LRRK2 Immunocytochemistry in Cultured Neurons

Several antibodies have been identified that recognize Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (LRRK2), but uncertainty persists as to whether such antibodies are reliable in detecting  LRRK2 utilizing commonly used techniques. This limits investigation of LRRK2 function. Thus, the goal of this proposal is to determine the reagents and conditions under which LRRK2 can be detected reliably.

Project Description: 
The aims of this proposal are to test the reliability of several LRRK2 antibodies and to determine the best conditions for their use.

Relevance to Diagnosis/Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease:  
Inherited or spontaneously arising mutations in (LRRK2) are a leading genetic cause of Parkinson's disease, but native LRRK2 function is poorly understood.  It is of critical importance to be able to determine where within cells LRRK2 is localized. This will serve to focus research efforts (and future therapies) on a smaller range of functions and targets.

Anticipated Outcome: 
We expect to identify a minimum of two different antibodies that can be used to detect LRRK2 distribution with confidence. 

This study is a part of MJFF’s LRRK2 Antibody Comparison Effort 2011.


  • Deanna L. Benson, PhD

    New York, NY United States

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