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MJFF-funded Phenotypic Characterization of PD Pre-Clinical Models

MJFF recognizes the need for standardizing the characterization of PD pre-clinical models. The currently available pre-clinical models have been characterized at several academic laboratories, however, results have been difficult to compare due to varying methodologies.

Project Description: 
MJFF began concerted efforts to strengthen the understanding of model features by taking on responsibility for model comparisons with the goal of generating a minimal set of data on new and existing models. Newly generated and currently available pre-clinical models will undergo behavioral, biochemical, immunohistological and stereological analyses at three different ages. These experiments will be performed by independent CRO’s to create a set of uniformed and streamlined characterization data, and this phase 2 phenotypic data will be shared with the PD research community on PD Online Research website.

Relevance to Diagnosis/Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease:  
The minimal set of data on phenotypic characterization on new and existing models will allow investigators to make decisions for best model to use for a particular hypothesis.  

Anticipated Outcome: 
Uniform phenotypic characterization data on PD pre-clinical models


  • Research Staff of The Michael J. Fox Foundation

    New York, NY United States

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