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Since inception, 88 cents of every dollar spent has gone to our programs. Donor dollars are shaping the next generation of treatments; and with increased innovation comes more research to fund. Your support today will help move the most promising Parkinson's research forward. Can you help us maintain momentum in the Parkinson’s pipeline?

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Upcoming Events and Offerings

Registration is now open. Please check back frequently for newly announced events. Read MJFF's latest publication on our story so far and what's ahead. 

  • Milestones and Momentum in Parkinson’s Research (Part 1)

    MJFF Parkinson's Podcast

    Ready for your Fox-themed history lesson? In this first episode of a two-part conversation, we pause and reflect on the 20 years of research milestones and momentum since The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) first opened its doors.


  • Michael J. Fox Publishes His Fourth Book, "No Time Like the Future"

    Get a Sneak Peek

    Equipped with his signature humor and candor, our Founder has written a new memoir with his take on life, illness and aging, all while negotiating Parkinson's disease. Join our community and download a sneak peek of "No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality."

In Case You Missed It

Founders' Fireside Chat

Watch the Founders Fireside Chat on-demand for a special conversation featuring Michael J. Fox and MJFF Co-founder Debi Brooks as they joined Cliff Leaf, editor in chief, Fortune, for a conversation on the important role people living with Parkinson's and their families play in speeding a cure. 

Founders Fireside Webinar

MJFF's Virtual 5K / 10K

From neighborhoods, parks and treadmills worldwide, nearly 5,800 individuals laced up for the first-ever MJFF Virtual 5K/10K. We still have ground to cover. But with the unwavering support of this community, Parkinson’s has a finish line HERE. Check out some of our favorite moments!

Outrun PD

More Past Events Available on Demand

  • MJFF Parkinson's Podcast (Part 1): Previewing the Foundation’s Virtual Offerings for You and Your Family

    Wednesday, September 16, 2020
    In this episode of The Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's Podcast, we roll out the “orange carpet” so to speak and give you a first look at the virtual activities, events and new resources the Foundation is putting together for the fall.
    Listen HERE

  • Third Thursday Webinar On-demand: Is Parkinson's Inherited?

    Thursday, September 17, 2020
    Panelists discussed what we know about Parkinson’s genetics and how genetic discoveries may lead to treatments that could stop or even prevent disease. Our panelists cover therapies in human testing against genetic targets (alpha-synuclein, GBA, LRRK2).

    View on demand HERE.

  • Ask the MD (video): In Conversation with MJFF Board Member Jeff Keefer — “Off” Time, New PD Drugs and Research

    Friday, September 18, 2020
    In the latest Ask the MD video, Dr. Dolhun talks with MJFF Board Member Jeff Keefer, diagnosed with PD in 2007, about “off” time, new drugs and research.  

    Watch the video HERE.

  • Third Thursday Webinar On-Demand: What to Watch This Election Season in Parkinson’s Policy

    Thursday, October 15, 2020
    MJFF contributing editor Dave Iverson guided a discussion with expert panelists including NPR Senior Editor Ron Elving on Parkinson’s policy priorities for research and care, and how you, as an American taxpayer and voter, can advocate for Parkinson’s-supportive policies. 

    View on-demand here.

  • MJFF Parkinson's Podcast (Part 2): Previewing the Foundation’s Virtual Offerings for You and Your Family

    Wednesday, October 28, 2020
    In this episode of The Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's Podcast, we recap recent events and look forward to what’s right around the corner in MJFF's roster of (virtual) activities, events and resources coming this fall. 
    Listen HERE

  • Virtual Event On-Demand: Celebrating 20 Years of Scientific Progress Closer to Cures

    Tuesday, November 17, 2020
    Watch our MJFF Research Roundtable and annual conferral of our major prizes on-demand. Leading Parkinson’s researchers and staff discussed highlights from 20 years of scientific leadership by the Foundation, progress in the Parkinson’s therapeutic pipeline and what’s to come next. View on-demand HERE

  • Third Thursday Webinar On-Demand: Big Trials, New Treatments and Steps toward Prevention

    Thursday, November 19, 2020
    Hear the latest news in Parkinson's research from Foundation and field leaders. Our panelists discussed looking ahead to treatments up for approval soon, new trials starting early next year and a major expansion of our landmark PPMI study to enable preventive therapies. Panelists also discussed initiatives to better understand Parkinson's genetics across populations. View on-demand here.

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