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Parkinson's patient Steve Spencer and his wife Kae, who both participated in the patient guide "Navigating Clinical Trials."
Participate in Research

Join a Study

You have the power to propel research toward Parkinson’s breakthroughs and, ultimately, a cure. No amount of funding or other resources can make up for a lack of volunteers in Parkinson’s research.

Observational Studies

Observational studies collect and analyze information from people with and without Parkinson’s to better understand the disease, which may point to ways to better treat it or stop it altogether. No medications or therapies are tested in these studies.

  • Illustrated Fox Insight logo.

    Fox Insight

    This online clinical study collects self-reported data to learn more about life with Parkinson's.

    • People with and without the disease can participate
    • Complete online questionnaires
    • Add your genetic data to the study (U.S. participants with Parkinson's only)

Interventional Trials

Interventional trials test a treatment for disease. Not every trial tests a new drug; some, for example, evaluate exercise or complementary and alternative medicines. Some trials aim to stop Parkinson's progression while others seek to manage a particular symptom.

Find the Right Trial for You

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    Fox Trial Finder

    This online matching tool helps patients and loved ones find observational studies and clinical trials online or in their area.

    • People with and without Parkinson's can participate
    • Review studies that match your location and traits
    • Securely connect with researchers
85 percent of trials face delays and 30 percent never get off the ground because of a lack of volunteers, resulting in a dramatic slowdown in progress toward a cure.
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