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MJFF Confers J. William Langston Award on Scientific Advisor Bruce Morimoto, PhD

Award recipient, Bruce Morimoto

Bruce Morimoto, PhD, Vice President of Drug Development at Alto Neuroscience

To advance new Parkinson's disease treatments, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) relies on a global network of scientific advisors which aids in scientific project reviews, highlights opportunities and identifies challenges to progress. This network helps us shape and implement our research strategy. 

Each year we honor one of our advisors for their service and dedication to our shared goals. This year's recipient of our annual J. William Langston Award is Bruce Morimoto, PhD, Vice President of Drug Development at Alto Neuroscience. Morimoto has held several leadership roles at Cerecin, Alkahest, Celeroin and Allon Therapeutics.  

“MJFF is an extraordinary organization, and I am honored and humbled to be selected to receive the J. William Langston Award,” said Morimoto. “Parkinson’s disease not only impacts the patient but also their family, friends and caregivers. There is an urgency to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure. MJFF plays a central role in this mission, and I am delighted to work with an organization that has made such an impact and difference.” 

Morimoto’s wide range of industry experience includes leading project teams in the development of innovative medicine, providing guidance in the design and execution of manufacturing, nonclinical, clinical and regulatory strategies on therapeutics including Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. 

He worked closely with applicants to build stronger therapeutic research proposals. Morimoto’s continued support offering clinical advice, collaborating on research programs and organizing an internal training workshop to educate MJFF staff in evaluating chemical properties of drugs is greatly recognized throughout the Foundation. 

“We are delighted to extend the J. William Langston Award to Bruce,” said Brian Fiske, PhD, MJFF chief scientific officer. “His expertise as an innovative leader for evaluating many new and promising therapeutic treatments has contributed immensely to the successful work we do here at the Foundation.”  

MJFF established the J. William Langston Award in 2006 to show our appreciation to our hard-working advisors. Langston was a founding scientific advisor when the Foundation was first getting on its feet and worked tirelessly with MJFF staff in those early years to pull together world-leading experts in Parkinson's disease research and to coordinate our first funding initiatives. The Langston Award, which comes with a $25,000 research grant, reflects his original spirit and commitment to the Foundation. 

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