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Read All About It! The Story of Michael J. Fox’s Extraordinary Life Debuts on Apple TV+

Michael J. Fox in his film "Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie"

On newsstands and in homes worldwide, our intrepid founder, Michael J. Fox’s endlessly fascinating life story is on full display with his latest film, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, officially out on Apple TV+ for fans to watch. 

From his exclusive cover in Variety to the film’s feature in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and way more, Michael J. Fox seems to be everywhere these days. Using documentary interviews and archival footage, Still explores Michael’s meteoric rise to fame, his Parkinson’s diagnosis at 29, his love for family and his current perspective on the disease. 

Speaking with Variety executive editor Brent Lang, Michael reflects on his signature optimism and the big questions about life, Parkinson’s and aging. Even in the face of adversity, Michael admits: 

“I’m still happy to join the day and be part of things. I just enjoy the little math problems of existence. I trip over things and fall down and break things. And that’s part of having this. But I hope that, and I feel that, I won’t break as many bones tomorrow. So that’s being optimistic.” 


Here's a look at recent media coverage reviewing the film. Click the links below to read each piece in full and get a sneak peek into Still: 

  • Receiving a “Critic’s Pick” from The New York Times, reporter Ben Keningsberg writes: But the documentary is, perhaps improbably, not a downer in the least. It isn’t oriented primarily around illness, even as it shows Fox working with doctors and aides throughout. It’s a character study in which Fox reflects on his life with quick wit and self-deprecation. “If I’m here 20 years from now, I’ll either be cured or like a pickle,” he says. The real-life Marty McFly may not have a time machine. But he now has this crowd-pleaser of a movie. 

  • The Wall Street Journal’s TV critic John Anderson shares: This is probably less a critique than a thank-you note to director Davis Guggenheim and to the subject of “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie,” a marriage of exhilaration and sadness and, despite the title, the most moving thing on television.  

  • Giving a resounding applause on the film’s use of archival footage and overall message, The Atlantic’s reporter John Hendrickson said: Still is filled with nostalgia and montage and booming ’80s music, but it’s also a portrait of resilience, and the toll resilience takes on the mind and body. The movie doesn’t want you to feel bad for Fox, but to simply consider what it’s like to navigate life with an omnipresent physical challenge — how, for example, you may take for granted your ability to brush your teeth or hold a glass. It also seeks to answer one of life’s thornier questions: How do you maintain optimism as things keep getting worse? 

  • The Washington Post’s film reviewer and contributing reporter Michael O’Sullivan writes: The title of “Still” is of course ironic. Fox says he wouldn’t know what it was like to be motionless, even before his diagnosis. But it also has another meaning: Michael J. Fox hasn’t given up yet. He still has an immensely likable and funny on-camera persona, and now he is using that gift — along with a different one, this nakedly honest film memoir — to share hope, joy and perhaps a sense of acceptance with others. 

Speaking with Forbes reporter Jeff Conway in an exclusive, Michael delves into his personal philosophy living with Parkinson’s disease and shares a piece of timeless advice for everyone: “Be present for every day. Be aware of everything that’s happening. Be aware of your body. Be aware of how you respond to things. Be aware of how the people around you are responding to things and realize that this is your life. It’s almost not for you to decide what the quality of your life is. The quality of your life will make itself evident to you - but in the meantime, don’t miss a day by ignoring things that are happening.” 

Please join us in sending our sincere congratulations to Michael on the launch of his film. Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is available on Apple TV+.  

  • Michael J. Fox on the cover of Variety
  • Michael J. Fox in his film "Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie"
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