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Tennessee Tough Guy With Some Real Backbone

Today's guest post comes from James Magini, a Team Fox member and mentor. James is currently training for a 1,000-mile Marathon, kicking off in Charleston, SC on May 1, 2012. James shares with us the inspiring story of his mentee, Jeff Davis, who is in the midst of his own endurance challenge for Team Fox.

Jeff Davis, whose mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2006, won't let anything stand in his way of raising funds and awareness for Team Fox - not even a fractured spine.

Last August, Jeff was struck by a car while cycling, the collision resulted in two fractured vertebrae and three months in a hard neck brace. Doctors were uncertain of Jeff's ability to ever return to cycling.

Recovering from the accident has not been easy for Jeff, and waiting around just wasn't his style. Instead of waiting to see if he gets clearance from his doctor to ride again, Jeff laced up his running shoes and hit the road for Team Fox.

"My mother lives in another state, so I am unable to physically be there for her as she faces Parkinson's," Jeff explains. "This is my way of being there for her and saying I love you every day."

Jeff has already completed a marathon and a half-marathon for Team Fox this year, and has at least four more events lined up in 2012. According to Jeff, this is just the beginning, and he is already looking for more challenging events next year.

As his Team Fox Mentor, I plan to be with Jeff every step of the way.

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