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A Vision for the Future of Parkinson's Research

A Vision for the Future of Parkinson's Research

In 2011, The Michael J. Fox Foundation announced the $50-million Brin Wojcicki Challenge, an opportunity to double your impact in the search for a cure for Parkinson’s. Today, you can experience online the potential of this Challenge — for the future of Parkinson’s research and for Parkinson’s patients.

In the online version of The Brin Wojcicki Challenge: Making Parkinson’s Disease History, you can explore our blueprint for what the Challenge will enable us to achieve. Access multimedia extras, such as videos, podcasts and blog profiles, hear about innovative approaches in PD treatments, read inspiring stories of those who’ve stepped up for the Challenge, learn how you can take action, and more.


Making Parkinson’s a thing of the past requires all of us, working together. No matter how you take part, the Brin Wojcicki Challenge is a chance to speed a cure for millions of Parkinson’s patients worldwide. Read more to learn how — and why — you should get involved now at

After reading the book, Patient Council and Team Fox member Karen Jaffe, MD, shared: “As a physician I can tell you that the scope, clarity and vision of this document stand unprecedented. If you have not had an opportunity to really read it, find some time to do so.  And when you do, you will undoubtedly know that a cure is on its way.”

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