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What We Fund: Genetic Links, Young Blood and Big Data

What We Fund: Genetic Links, Young Blood and Big Data

The Michael J. Fox Foundation funds promising Parkinson's disease (PD) science to ensure new ideas flow into the pipeline and drive urgently needed breakthroughs for people living with the disease. Through open funding programs and staff-directed grants, the Foundation speeds efforts to grow our understanding of Parkinson's biology and clinical experience, measure PD pathology and progression, and develop therapies to alleviate symptoms and slow or stop disease.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, we funded projects targeting important Parkinson's-associated proteins (alpha-synuclein, LRRK2) and genes [PARK2 (parkin), PINK1 and GBA1], which represent promising routes to slow or stop disease. We also supported projects using cutting-edge technologies to learn more about Parkinson's, objectively measure the disease and test new treatments. Click through from the links below to read more on these projects.

For a full list of MJFF-supported projects, visit our funded grants page.

Diagnosing and Measuring Parkinson's
Objective measures of disease, or biomarkers, could help diagnose, track and treat Parkinson's and transform therapeutic development for PD.

New and Better Disease Therapies
Parkinson's lacks a proven therapy to slow or stop progression and people living with the disease today need more options to manage symptoms. Experts are looking to plasma proteins ("young blood") and immune cells as new routes to address these urgent needs.

Genetic Links in PD
Understanding genetic similarities and differences in people with and without Parkinson's can help uncover risk factors for Parkinson's and advance potential therapies faster.

Technology and Discovery Tools
Advancements in technology and scientific tools can help investigators overcome obstacles and accelerate therapeutic timelines for Parkinson's.


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