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Blood Pressure and Parkinson's

Blood Pressure and Parkinson's

If you have Parkinson's disease and have sometimes felt light headed or dizzy when changing from a seated position to standing, you may be experiencing something called orthostatic hypotension, or fluctuating low blood pressure.

In this podcast, Dr. Anna Hohler, a movement disorder specialist and associate professor of neurology at Boston University Medical Center, speaks to MJFF about blood pressure and Parkinson's.

"Blood pressure regulation and problems with blood pressure aren't always noticed by the patient," says Dr. Hohler. "Half of the people who have orthostatic hypotension don't have any symptoms. And even if patients don't have symptoms, they can have problems with their thinking, their balance and their walking with these blood pressure changes. So once someone is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease they should always have their blood pressure monitored when they go to see the doctor, both sitting and standing."

Hear more from Dr. Hohler in our next Third Thursdays Webinar: "Blood Pressure and Parkinson's: What's the Connection?" on October 20, 2016, at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT. Register now.

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