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Parkinson's Research

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Read the latest developments, reporting and analysis from the world of Parkinson's research, including progress made in studies, tools and collaborations funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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    New Research Shows Promise for Diagnosing and Measuring Parkinson’s at Home Through Easily Collected Breathing Data

    Researchers recently published a paper that could pave the way for simple, at-home diagnosis and assessment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) while a person sleeps.

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    What We Fund: $23M toward Novel Therapies and Technological Advances to Develop Treatments 

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation announces 75 grants totaling more than $23 million to studies that advance Parkinson’s research and validate effective drugs and therapies. 

  • Parkinson’s Disease Vaccine Treatment Approach Awarded $8M

    The Latest in Efforts to Develop a Vaccine against Parkinson’s

    Researchers recently completed the first in-human phase of a study to test UB-312, a vaccine they hope will prove effective against Parkinson’s. The study, completed by Vaxxinity, will examine the…

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    Research Roundup: Opportunities to Participate at Home and in Person

    In this research roundup blog, we share some of the many studies in need of volunteers, including multiple at-home studies.

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    What We Fund: $22M to Portfolio including Inflammation Therapy and Early Intervention Tools

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation announces 50 grants totaling more than $22 million awarded to studies that explore, measure and characterize Parkinson’s disease.

  • We Asked, You Answered: "How many years or doctors did it take to confirm your Parkinson's diagnosis?"

    Bad Dreams and Parkinson’s Disease

    A new study links frequent nightmares to increased risk of Parkinson’s. We share what to know about sleep changes and Parkinson’s, before or after a diagnosis.

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