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Parkinson's Research

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Read the latest developments, reporting and analysis from the world of Parkinson's research, including progress made in studies, tools and collaborations funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • MJFF Scientist Highlights Alpha-synuclein Research Progress in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

    News in Context: Tool to Visualize Key Parkinson’s Protein in the Brain Enters Human Testing

    Earlier this month, Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) grantee AC Immune announced the start of its clinical study of PET tracer ACI-12589 to detect the toxic protein alpha-synuclein in the living…

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    Mindfulness May Help Reduce Some Parkinson’s Symptoms, Survey Finds

    A recently published paper based on a Fox Insight survey suggests the benefits of mindfulness on stress and Parkinson’s symptoms.

  • Broader MJFF-23andMe Collaboration Seeks to Drive Advances through PD Genetics

    What We Fund: $11M to Projects Investigating New Parkinson’s Treatments and Learning More about Disease

    In December 2020 and January 2021, MJFF awarded a total of $11 million to 35 new projects.

  • Differentiated neural stem cells

    Stem Cells and Parkinson’s: Clinical Trials Hold Promise; Stem Cell Clinics Warrant Caution

    As clinical trials evaluate stem cells for Parkinson’s, many clinics offer unproven therapies outside of trials. What to know about both research and clinics.

  • Test tubes in a research lab.

    News in Context: Two Study Outcomes Disappoint, but Parkinson’s Pipeline Remains Strong

    Two drugs in early studies attempting to treat Parkinson’s disease in people with certain genetic profiles showed disappointing results in February. But optimism remains high in today’s durable…

  • Promoting diversity in Parkinson's research benefits every one

    MJFF Launches Funding Program to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Parkinson’s Research

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) is accepting applications with the potential to increase knowledge about Parkinson’s in populations that have been excluded from or underrepresented in the…

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