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Parkinson's Research

Research News

Read the latest developments, reporting and analysis from the world of Parkinson's research, including progress made in studies, tools and collaborations funded by The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • 7th MDS-PAS

    MJFF Course Teaches Early-Career Doctors about Parkinson’s Care and Research

    Each year, MJFF hosts an educational course to teach neurology doctor trainees the latest in Parkinson’s care and research.

  • The Michael J. Fox Foundation Honors J. Timothy Greenamyre, MD, PhD, with Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson's Research

    The Michael J. Fox Foundation announces the winner of the 2022 Robert A. Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson’s Research.

  • Two researchers in a lab

    PPMI Dispatch: New Tool to Measure Risk of Impulse Control Disorders in Parkinson’s

    Read the latest scientific findings out of MJFF’s landmark study, the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative, including a new tool to measure risk of impulse control disorders.

  • PPMI Now Recruiting Individuals with Genetic Mutation linked to Gaucher Disease

    New Tool Measures Risk of Impulse Control Disorders in People with Parkinson’s

    Impulse control disorders often appear in people with Parkinson’s disease, specifically those treated with dopamine agonists. Newly published research suggests genetic data can provide warnings to…

  • Doctor-with-patients

    New Research Demonstrates Wireless Sensor Can Track Gait Disruption, Parkinson’s Progression at Home

    Research details a successful effort to track gait issues and the progression of Parkinson’s disease (PD) using a wireless sensor in the home, potentially illuminating the future of how clinicians…

  • Foundation Publishes Roadmap for Researchers to Recruit Trial Volunteers

    Research Roundup: Recruiting Studies Aiming to Treat or Stop Parkinson’s

    Research can't move forward without study volunteers. In this blog, we share a handful of studies recruiting volunteers.

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