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Funded Studies

Amy Manning-Bog, PhD

Program Manager, Neurodegenerative Diseases at Stanford Research Institute International

Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California-Santa Cruz

Location: Menlo Park, CA United States

Dr. Manning-Bo? earned her PhD in molecular & cell biology and biochemistry from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She held a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropharmacology at Wayne State University and at the Parkinson’s Institute to investigate neurodegenerative mechanisms in Parkinson's disease (PD). She then joined Renovis, Inc. where she investigated novel therapeutic targets for neurodegeneration before returning to the Parkinson’s Institute as assistant professor.

Dr. Manning-Bo? is currently program manager of neurodegenerative diseases at SRI International and holds an adjunct faculty position at UC-Santa Cruz. She is an expert in alpha-synuclein biology and neurodegenerative disease models. Her research program evaluates intersecting mechanisms of CNS disorders, including PD, Alzheimer’s disease, PD-dementia, Gaucher disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Her laboratory develops new models to study alpha-synuclein pathology; the impact of environmental modifiers and aging on genetic disposition; and pre-clinical efficacy and mechanism(s) of action for a variety of putative therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease.


Associated Grants

  • Targeting alpha-synuclein-lipid interactions in preclinical Parkinson's disease models


  • Isotopic Stabilization of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as a New Treatment Paradigm for Parkinson's Disease: MPTP and Paraquat Pre-clinical Model Feasibility Studies


  • Characterization of DJ-1 Null Transgenic Mice


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