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Funded Studies

Anumantha G. Kanthasamy, PhD

Distinguished Professor and Chair of Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University

Location: Ames, IA United States

Anumantha Kanthasamy, PhD, serves as the Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor and Lloyd Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholar in Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. His research team has been at the forefront in unraveling the cell signaling mechanisms underlying key disease processes of Parkinson’s disease. His team recently developed a highly sensitive RT-QuIC assay to detect ultralow levels of pathologic alpha-synuclein aggregates from blood, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid and salivary gland biopsies from Parkinson’s patients. Dr. Kanthasamy works closely with many clinical neurologists to expand the translational utility of RT-QuIC assay to evaluate misfolded alpha-synuclein as a biomarker for Parkinson’s in various body and peripheral tissues. He has authored over 180 peer-reviewed research papers and nurtured several multidisciplinary research collaborations. Dr. Kanthasamy is a Fellow of the AAAS and Academy of Toxicological Sciences.

Dr. Kanthasamy earned master of science, master of philosophy and doctorate degrees in biochemistry at the University of Madras and completed postdoctoral training in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Purdue University.

Associated Grants

  • RT-QuIC Testing of Misfolded Alpha-synuclein in S4 Study Samples


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