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Funded Studies

David I. Finkelstein, PhD

Head, Synaptic Neuropathology Laboratory at Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health

Location: Melbourne Australia

Since graduating with a PhD in physiology, A/Prof Finkelstein has worked exclusively as a National Health and Medical Research Council employed research scientist.  His research interests are centered around; 1) The plastic changes that occur to the physiology and microanatomy in neurodegeneration, 2) Developing novel therapeutics and uncovering possible new mechanisms for treatment of degenerative diseases.

In 2007, A/Prof Finkelstein was recruited to the Mental Health Research Institute and in 2009 established an independent Synaptic Neuropathology Laboratory within the Mental Health Research Institute. This specialized team offers unique skills and expertise, including state-of-the-art LTP electrophysiology and in-vivo microdialysis techniques which have since provided invaluable insights into the mechanism of candidate drugs in various animal models of neurodegeneration. The lab has developed into an exceptional environment where clinicians and basic researchers can both collaborate and advance research projects, with both academia and industry. This is truly a multidisciplinary environment, with available resources that have increased the quality and impact of the science. This environment has resulted in the production of more than 95 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 2260 times; 1456 times since 2007.  Sixty-four of these publications have been cited 10 times or more, and he has achieved a total h-index of 28. 

Associated Grants

  • Alpha-synuclein as a Major Regulator of Iron Homeostasis


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