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Edward A. Fon, MD

Professor of Neurology at McGill University

Location: Montreal QC Canada

Dr. Edward A. Fon is a neurologist-scientist specializing in movement disorders at the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital (The Neuro) and a professor in the department of neurology and neurosurgery at McGill University. He is the director of the FRQS Quebec Parkinson Network and the scientific director of The Neuro. He was trained at the Université de Montréal, McGill University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Fon’s research focuses on the molecular and cellular events leading to Parkinson's disease (PD). His laboratory has contributed to understanding the cell biology and function of PD genes and understanding how defects in these genes lead to PD. In particular, Dr. Fon has focused on unraveling the functions of Parkin, PINK1, alpha-synuclein, GBA and LRRK2 and the roles they play in PD pathology.

Associated Grants

  • Structure and Mechanism of PINK1-TOM Supercomplex Formation


  • Gaining Mechanistic Insights into PINK1 Genetic Variants


  • Simultaneous Profiling of Gene Expression Patterns from Pooled Cell Samples of Large Parkinson’s Disease Cohorts


  • Illuminating the Dark Genome of Parkinson’s Disease


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