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Funded Studies

Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD, MSc, PhD

Professor at McGill University

Location: Montreal Canada

Dr. Rosa-Neto is a clinical neurologist interested in quantifying the protein aggregates, functional and structural changes in patients with neurodegenerative conditions. His research involves brain-imaging techniques including positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to observe and measure these changes. Dr. Rosa-Neto directs the Translational Neuroimaging Laboratory (TNL), a multi-site facility, which is shared between the Douglas Institute, the McGill Centre for Studies in Aging and the Montreal Neurological Institute. This cross intuitional lab, a first for Quebec, will link animal studies with human conditions, and help identify early markers of disease. The aim of his research is to develop biomarkers capable identify pathological process in the brain

Associated Grants

  • Modulation of Glycine for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


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