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Edward J. Weinstein, PhD

Director at Sigma Transgenic Research Center

Location: St. Louis, MO United States

Prior to joining the Sigma Transgenic Research Center, Dr. Weinstein served as a Principal Scientist in the R&D division and Manager of Operations for Functional Genomics in the Research Biotechnology business unit of Sigma-Aldrich. Before joining Sigma, he performed basic research for the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Weinstein held responsibility for the Molecular Profiling portfolio within Merck’s oncology franchise, where his work centered on discovery of new therapeutic targets as well as biomarkers for drug safety and efficacy. At Pfizer, Edward worked on development of several therapeutic targets, creating pre-clinical models for breast and colon carcinoma.

Dr. Weinstein received his Masters of Medical Science from Harvard Medical School and his PhD in Genetics from Harvard University, where his research focused on mouse models of mammary gland carcinoma. Throughout his career Edward has focused on the application of pre-clinical models for the elucidation of mechanisms of complex disease processes. He has been an invited speaker at numerous meetings and conferences and was recently honored with the “Heroes of Healthcare” award by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Associated Grants

  • Pre-clinical Knockout Models of Parkinson's Disease


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