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Funded Studies

Francesc Tebar Ramon, PhD

Associate Professor at the Biomedicine Department, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at University of Barcelona

Location: Barcelona Spain

Francesc Tebar, PhD, is a cell biologist and associate professor of biomedicine at the School of Medicine in the University of Barcelona. He is also a senior researcher in the “Cell compartments and signaling” group at the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Health Research Institute (IDIBAPS). His research focuses on the trafficking and signaling of the growth factor receptor EGFR and of the small signal transduction proteins, KRas and Rac1. In particular, he studies the endocytic compartment as a signaling platform for these proteins and found that as KRas moves towards through late endosomes/multivesicular bodies, its signaling persists until it is downregulated in the lysosome. Dr. Tebar is currently studying the contribution of KRas in the biogenesis of endosomal intraluminal vesicles and in exosomal content regulation. The main focus of his work on Parkinson’s disease is examining the role of LRRK2 in exosome secretion.

Associated Grants

  • Examining the Role of LRRK2 and Glucocerebrosidase Dysfunction in Exosome-mediated Release of the Lipid Biomarker Bis(monocylglycero)phosphate in Parkinson's Disease


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