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Funded Studies

Albert Lu, MD, PhD

Tenure track Assistant Professor at the Biomedicine Department, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at University of Barcelona

Location: Barcelona Spain

Albert Lu, MD, PhD, is a tenure track assistant professor of cell biology at the University of Barcelona. Over the course of his scientific career, he has acquired multidisciplinary expertise in molecular cell biology, biochemistry, RNA biology and genomics, with a special focus on membrane trafficking and extracellular vesicles. During his postdoctoral studies at Stanford University, he spearheaded projects using advanced genome-editing techniques and genetic screening approaches to globally investigate different aspects of extracellular vesicle biology. Together with Dr. Kalpana Merchant, he recently investigated the role of LRRK2 and glucocerobrosidase activities in regulating the bis(monoacylglycerol)phosphate, a phospholipid enriched in the late endolysosomal pathway. His research interests span different aspects of the molecular mechanisms underlying extracellular vesicle biology and endolysosomal regulation, including exosomal cargo sorting or unconventional cholesterol export pathways. He is currently interested in understanding the role of dysfunctional LRRK2 in the context of endolysosomal exocytosis and exosome release.

Associated Grants

  • Examining the Role of LRRK2 and Glucocerebrosidase Dysfunction in Exosome-mediated Release of the Lipid Biomarker Bis(monocylglycero)phosphate in Parkinson's Disease


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