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Hilal A. Lashuel, PhD

Associate Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Chemical Biology of Neurodegeneration at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Location: Lausanne Switzerland

Dr. Hilal Lashuel received his BSc in chemistry from the City University of New York in 1994 and completed his doctoral studies at Texas A&M University and the Scripps Research Institute in 2000. He spent one year at the Picower Institute for Medical Research in New York as a research fellow before moving to Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women's Hospital as a research fellow in the Center for Neurologic Diseases. In 2005 Dr. Lashuel moved to Switzerland to join the Brain Mind Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne as an assistant professor in neurosciences. Currently, Dr. Lashuel is an associate professor of life sciences and the director of the laboratory of molecular and chemical biology of neurodegeneration, where he applies chemical, biophysical, and cell and molecular biological approaches to explore how protein misfolding and aggregation contribute to neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Effects of Chemical Modifications on Aggregation of Alpha-synuclein


  • Development of Novel Antibodies that Facilitate the Accurate Measurement of All Forms of Alpha-synuclein Present in Biological Fluids


  • Dissecting the Role of GBA1 and LRRK2 in Regulating the Formation of Lewy Bodies


  • Revisiting Alpha-synuclein Pathology Staging and Detection Using an Expanded Antibodies Toolset


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