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Funded Studies

Ismaïl Ahmed, PhD

Research Associate at INSERM

Location: Villejuif France

Dr. Ismaïl Ahmed is a researcher in biostatistics at the French national institute of health and medical research (Inserm). The main focus of his research pertains to the development of statistical and machine-learning tools for the identification of adverse effects of marketed drugs from large reporting databases or from medico-administrative databases. From a more methodological point of view, he is particularly interested in how to perform variable selection from powerful machine-learning algorithms that have been designed for predictive purposes rather than for statistical inference.

During his postdoctoral fellowships, Dr. Ahmed developed an expertise in the field of statistical genomics and genetic epidemiology, conducting methodological research and applied research on Parkinson’s disease and asthma. For both diseases, he focused more specifically on the identification of new gene-environment interactions.

Associated Grants

  • Study in French Population to Identify Therapies with Repurposing Potential for Parkinson’s Disease


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