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Funded Studies

Anne Thiébaut, PhD

Research Associate at INSERM

Location: Villejuif France

Anne Thiébaut, PhD, is a researcher at the French national institute of health and medical research (Inserm). Dr. Thiébaut has a broad background in statistics and epidemiology and was first trained in the field of cancer prevention and nutritional epidemiology both in Europe (France, UK) and in the United States (NIH, National Cancer Institute, intramural Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics). From there, she gained expertise in the statistical analysis of large epidemiological cohorts, with multiple, correlated and error-prone factors of disease. She developed methodological research interests into survival analysis and measurement error. Back to France, she moved to pharmacoepidemiology and further extended skills to take account of the dynamic nature of drug exposure when assessing its impact on disease risk, as well as of unmeasured confounding.

Associated Grants

  • Study in French Population to Identify Therapies with Repurposing Potential for Parkinson’s Disease


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