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John G. Nutt, MD

Professor of Neurology and of Physiology & Pharmacology at Oregon Health and Science University

Location: Portland, OR United States

John G. Nutt, MD, is a professor of neurology and physiology/pharmacology at Oregon Health and Science University, and director emeritus of the OHSU Parkinson Center and of the Portland VA Parkinson's Disease Research, Educational and Clinical Center.

Dr. Nutt's interests are in motor control and the treatment of Parkinson's disease. His work in experimental therapeutics has been seminal in understanding the intricacies of levodopa actions in Parkinson's and in exploring other symptomatic and disease-modifying therapies for the disease. Another major interest is in gait and balance. He developed a classification system for these disorders that has influenced all subsequent work in this area. Other studies focus on the mobility problems in Parkinson’s disease including understanding the pathophysiology of “freezing,” developing methods to measure gait and balance for interventional clinical studies, and treatment of balance and walking problems. Dr. Nutt is a widely recognized movement disorder clinician, included in Best Doctors for the past 11 years.

Associated Grants

  • Effects on Gait and Balance of Augmenting Cholinergic Function


  • Phase I Study of AAV2-hAADC Administered by MRI-guided Real-time Convective Infusion


  • Are Anti-Parkinsonian Treatments Disease Modifying?


  • Prediction of Death, Dementia, Disability, Depression from the Time Course of UPDRS Motor Status


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