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Funded Studies

John Woulfe, MD, PhD

Associate Professor at University of Ottawa

Associate Scientist at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Location: Ottawa ON Canada

John Woulfe, MD, PhD, completed his PhD degree in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University’s Montreal Neurological Institute in 1991, his medical degree at McMaster University in 1994, and his residency specialty training in neuropathology at The University of Western Ontario in 1998. He is currently staff neuropathologist in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of the Ottawa Hospital, associate professor in the faculty of medicine at The University of Ottawa, and associate scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Dr. Woulfe’s research interests focus on neurodegenerative disorders, particularly frontotemporal dementia and the synucleinopathies. Currently, he is exploring the possibility that Epstein-Barr virus infection represents an environmental trigger for the initiation of Parkinson’s disease. He was recognized for his work in this area by the National Parkinson Foundation, from which he received the Menek Goldstein Research Scholar Award in 2000.

Associated Grants

  • Creation of the “BiSyn” Model: a Novel Tool to Monitor Alpha-synuclein Aggregation


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