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Lawrence Barak, MD, PhD

Associate Research Professor at Duke University

Location: Durham, NC United States

Lawrence S. Barak, MD, PhD, is an associate research professor of cell biology at Duke University. Dr, Barak received his MD degree from the University of Michigan and his PhD in biophysics research from Cornell University. Over the past three decades, he has investigated G protein-coupled receptors that modulate the action of neurotransmitters in the brain. His laboratory was fundamental in establishing assays to measure the activation of arrestin protein signaling at G protein-coupled receptors, an area for which he has received multiple patents. These assays can be used in the discovery of drugs with noncanonical, “biased” signaling that potentially have better side-effect profiles. His lab has identified such potential candidate drugs for the neurotensin and ghrelin receptors. The focus of his proposed work here is to identify similar drug candidates to target to the D1 dopamine receptor for Parkinson’s disease therapy to eliminate levodopa-induced dyskinesias.

Associated Grants

  • Targeting the Dopamine D1 Receptor for a Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with Minimal L-DOPA-induced Dyskinesia


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