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Funded Studies

Manu Sharma, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow at Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research

Location: Tuebingen Germany

Dr. Sharma is a postdoctoral fellow at the Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research, University of Tuebingen, Germany. Dr. Sharma received his Masters in biotechnology in India. He then moved to Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam. He finished his training in genetic epidemiology (Prof CM van duijn). He later joined Professor Thomas’ lab, where he finished his doctoral thesis (Magna cum Laude). Since 2008, his interest has focused on the GWAS on Parkinson disease (published in Nature Genetics). His research interest includes gene mapping in neurodegenerative disorders. He is also interested in disease prediction using support vector machine as well as pathway based approaches. Recently, Dr. Sharma got the travel grant from the Movement Disorder Society.

Associated Grants

  • Deciphering the Genetic Architecture of the LRRK2 Gene in the Indian Population


  • Polyglutamine repeats and Parkinson disease


  • Genetic-epidemiological confirmation of top hits of GWAS of Parkinson disease: A large multi-center collaborative study


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